We believe in using the power of business to create positive impact.

Looking back

2022 was a huge year for Speckle

The year in numbers

One new team member

Two new babies (and two new parents!)

21 clients supported and 45 projects delivered.

$2000 donated to charity

143 hours donated to pro bono projects

One B Corp submission

One Carbon Neutral certification

Our people

Our team grew in more ways than one

We welcomed our incredible Digital Designer, Chris, along with Ash and Nick’s beautiful twin boys, Kai and Lucas.

Our projects

We worked alongside 25 organisations to deliver 41 incredible projects.

Highlights of our year included running Healthy Male’s most successful national campaign to date, supporting Regen Melbourne’s launch into the world and the release of BidHQ, a new software solution supporting small business to bid better.

Giving back

We donated 5% of our profit to causes close to our heart.

Each year, each of our team members select a charitable organisation that matters to them, and our organisation donates on their behalf. Here's who our team supported in 2022.

Pay the Rent

I chose Pay the Rent as they do meaningful and beneficial work to directly help out Indigenous people and communities. As we live and work on Aboriginal land, I believe it’s important to do all we can to recognise and acknowledge the sovereignty of the First Nations people.


Planned Parenthood

I strongly believe in people having autonomy over their personhood, and it broke my heart when I heard about the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the USA and the deep repercussions this decision has on people's lives. So, it was a no-brainer for me to donate to Planned Parenthood and everything they're doing to support people during this difficult time.


Maneki Neko Cat Rescue

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue is where I got my fur baby, Yuki, from. Maneki Neko does good work in helping and saving a lot of local fur bubs through rehabilitation, foster care, fundraisers, and more, so every little one is healthy and ready for adoption. Animals are voiceless and suffer repercussions largely from humanity’s actions so I believe strongly in supporting people who are fighting for them.


Berry Street

I chose Berry Street because of the amazing work they do in providing assistance and education to young people and families facing trauma/family violence issues. I'm a strong believer and supporter of the need to steer the system toward early intervention and prevention to allow for young people and families to receive the skills and support they need during difficult times.


Giving back

We donated 143 hours towards pro-bono initiatives.

In FY22-23, we were proud to support Change for Sam, Regen Melbourne, Environmint, Sustainable Screens and Unison through our pro-bono giving.

In 2023, we're taking it up a notch – keep scrolling through to see our impact plan for the year ahead!

Giving back

We became a carbon neutral organisation, partnering with our friends at Trace.

We’re a consciously remote-first team, supporting our team to work from anywhere whilst minimising our carbon emissions. We power our spaces with green energy providers and offset our emissions. At the end of 2022 we took it up a notch and became certified carbon neutral.

Giving back

Our long-awaited
B Corp submission is in – watch this space!

We’re excited to have submitted for our B Corp certification and are looking forward to accreditation in 2023.

We’re just getting started. Check out our ambitious targets for change in 2023.

Looking forward

The year in numbers

We’ve set some lofty ambitions for ourselves in 2023.

Become B Corp Certified

Become Carbon Positive

5% donated to charity

400 hours donated to pro bono projects

Launch our foundation model and create greater impact

We’re passionate about using business to do good and create a difference. Thank you for being on the journey with us.