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As part of our ongoing partnership, our team had the privilege of helping Healthy Male with their Men's Health Week 2023 campaign: Understanding Loneliness.

As an organisation dedicated to providing information for men’s health and wellbeing, their campaign aimed to provide men and boys with valuable advice and resources on overcoming feelings of loneliness. As part of our comprehensive strategy, we not only executed social media marketing and paid advertising but also created a dedicated landing page on the Healthy Male website.

Our comprehensive marketing plan focused on creating engaging social media content and paid ads that resonated with the target audience.

The content focused on topics such as building connections, managing emotions, and seeking support. Through these engaging posts, informative articles, and targeted ads, we aimed to raise awareness about the issue of loneliness and provide practical guidance. Our marketing efforts maximised the campaign's reach, capturing attention and highlighting available resources for overcoming loneliness.

Recognising the importance of a centralised hub for campaign information, we also designed and developed a user-friendly landing page.

The landing page served as a valuable resource hub, offering visitors a wealth of information, practical tips, and support tools to tackle loneliness. Through targeted messaging, engaging visuals, and intuitive navigation, the landing page effectively communicated the campaign's key messages and encouraged men and boys, as well as health professionals, to take action. 

The content we developed sparked meaningful conversations and encouraged individuals to seek help, generating significant engagement and fostering a sense of connection, support, and wellbeing among their target audience during Men's Health Week 2023.

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