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Websites and applications

Accelagen is a prominent Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) based in Melbourne.

They specialise in facilitating the efficient and cost-effective roll-out of innovative health and wellbeing treatments by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Recognising the need to establish a stronger market presence and ability to compete with industry giants, Accelagen embarked on a mission to revamp their brand identity.

To help Accelagen achieve this goal, we joined forces with MKT Communications.

Together, we developed a comprehensive rebranding strategy that would accurately reflect the quality of their work. Through collaborative efforts, we successfully crafted a new visual identity and revamped website experience that effectively communicated Accelagen's breadth of offerings and capabilities.

The outcome of this partnership was a compelling brand image that positioned Accelagen as a formidable player in the CRO market.

With their new look and enhanced website, Accelagen could attract and engage potential clients more effectively, while showcasing their expertise in bringing cutting-edge treatments to market. By aligning their brand identity with their exceptional services, Accelagen gained a competitive edge and further solidified their position as a trusted partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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