Supporting Australian productions to put our planet in the picture

Sustainable Screens Australia
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Sustainable Screens Australia (SSA) supports the Australian film and television industry to embed sustainable practices into their productions to reduce environmental impact.

They are backed by esteemed UK organisation albert BAFTA.
As SSA prepared to launch their new business and brand during the Sydney Film Festival, they sought our expertise in reconceptualising their brand identity to better reflect their mission, alongside a visually stunning and informative new website to showcase their offering.

Through meticulous design choices and creative strategies, we developed a new visual identity.

The new look conveys their commitment to sustainability while evoking a sense of professionalism, innovation and hope for the future of production practices where mindfulness for the environment is at the forefront.

To complement the refreshed brand, we crafted a visually striking website that serves as a powerful platform to engage potential partners.

By incorporating captivating imagery of Australia's landscape, we aimed to inspire visitors and foster a deep appreciation for the environment. The website also provided a wealth of information about sustainable practices, resources for industry professionals, and success stories from previous collaborations, solidifying SSA's position as an authority in sustainable screen production.

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