Regenerating Melbourne through the power of collaboration

Regen Melbourne
Strategic consultation
Branding and identity

Regen Melbourne is dedicated to creating a regenerative Melbourne through the delivery of wildly ambitious research and impact projects.

Born in the dual crisis of the Black Summer fires and the COVID-19 pandemic, their work is focused on community and social impact, environmental and sustainable action and more.

Our approach focused on designing a website that would capture the attention of Melbourne organisations seeking to drive change and inspire action.

By incorporating compelling content, interactive elements, and user-friendly navigation, we aimed to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for visitors. Through extensive discussions and understanding their goals, we ensured that the website effectively showcased Regen Melbourne's initiatives, highlighting the positive impact they have on the community, environment, and other ecosystems.

The resulting website serves as a powerful platform for Regen Melbourne, enabling them to reach a broader audience and attract like-minded individuals and organisations.

It effectively conveys their vision, values, and ambitions, inspiring visitors to take part in their regenerative efforts. By partnering with Regen Melbourne on this transformative digital project, we have helped them establish a strong digital presence and lay the foundation for their continued growth and success.

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