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Rapidly is created by Exponentially, who specialises in integrating rapid experimentation and pretotyping to uncover winning ideas for products and services.

Alongside revamping Exponentially's website, we embarked on a project to redevelop their app to better articulate its value alongside the rapid experimentation framework. Initially called “The Exponentially App”, we landed on a new name that tied in with their service offering and packed some punch: Rapidly. 

The new landing page was designed to concisely communicate the app's service offering and why businesses should use the app while working with Exponentially on their experiments.

For a fresh look and feel, Rapidly adopted indigo and lavender purples from Exponentially's colour palette, with teal accents, while incorporating the rounded appearance of Exponentially's 'E' into Rapidly's 'R' to establish a visual connection between the brands. 

The rebrand and landing page has added substantial value to Rapidly.

It resolves any confusion between Exponentially and the app, and enables businesses to clearly see the benefits of both the service and the product. Now, potential users can understand the app's purpose and its integral role within the rapid experimentation process, further enhancing Exponentially's comprehensive approach.

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