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Exponentially is a Melbourne-based organisation specialising in helping businesses implement rapid experimentation and pretotyping into their business processes.

Founded by Leslie Barry, Exponentially helps businesses to discover winning ideas for their products and services. As the brand's fifth anniversary approached, a new website and brand identity were developed to help clearly articulate Leslie's services and enhance user understanding.

The brand received a modern refresh, featuring a vibrant yet refined colour palette.

This also included a new logo that paid homage to the bright colours of their old brand identity, evoking feelings of fun and friendliness while still remaining professional. Illustrations of Leslie's tchotchkes were also incorporated to reflect his innovation and whimsy, complementing his expertise in rapid experimentation and pretotyping.

Extending beyond a visual refresh, we developed assets such as presentation decks, showcasing Exponentially's new look and feel, and an information pack explaining the rapid experimentation framework in clear and relatable business terms.

For the website revamp, we drew inspiration from the old layout, but carefully refined it for easy navigation and a clear user journey.

The website copy was simplified to ensure businesses could easily grasp the value proposition and answer the critical question of "what's in it for me?". Additionally, we added extra resources, including a dedicated "what is pretotyping?" page, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the services.

The result is a fully revamped website that not only showcases the Exponentially brand effectively but also articulates Leslie's service offerings and the seamless integration of pretotyping within the rapid experimentation framework. The website's user-friendly experience and valuable resources have positioned Exponentially as a trusted partner for businesses Australia-wide.

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