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Tooronga is a financial services consultancy with extensive expertise in tax, lead, and transaction advisory.

We collaborated with them to establish a distinct brand identity and collateral to showcase their expertise in the financial services industry. Their primary goal was to stand out from competitors by highlighting their social responsibility, client-focused approach, and refreshing "new school" attitude in an otherwise cash-driven, old-school sector.

We began the brand identity creation process by conducting a competitor analysis to modernise and elevate themes commonly seen in the industry.

The result was a unique and modern colour palette, featuring purples, deep blues, and teals, which effectively set Tooronga apart while still exuding professionalism and calm. The chosen rounded sans serif font for their wordmark struck a balance between friendliness and sophistication, aligning well with the world of financial services.

Following the brand identity creation, we developed brand collateral, including presentation decks, to showcase the potential impact of their new look.

Additionally, we provided photography that captured the team's approachability and personality in their office space, enhancing their marketing strategy.

With their strong brand identity in place, Tooronga successfully positioned themselves as a socially responsible and client-centric business, effectively challenging conventional perceptions of the financial services sector and solidifying their position in the market.

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