Breaking down the barriers to better men’s health

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Healthy Male is a leading Melbourne-based not-for-profit organisation providing information on men’s health and wellbeing.

As their end-to-end digital partner, we collaborated with their team to design and develop their Men's Health Week 2022 campaign. The “Breaking Down the Barriers” campaign aimed to address five barriers preventing men from seeking help, including denial, delayed information seeking, the construct of masculinity, trouble initiating conversations, and lack of trust.

We devised a strategy to create provocative and informative messaging and developed various assets.

This included print materials, videos, paid ads, social media content, and a landing page that would expand their reach and engage their target audience.

The campaign achieved remarkable success, generating high impressions and engagement throughout its different phases.

The landing page witnessed a substantial 132% increase in website traffic, with almost 32,000 views compared to the previous year's 14,000, ensuring that thousands of men and boys across Australia could find the necessary resources to help break down the barriers to seeking help for their health concerns.

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