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Lights & Tracks (L&T) is a leading company in the commercial and residential lighting sector in Australia, renowned for delivering stunning lighting projects across various industries.

Their commitment to project facilitation sets them apart, as they handle everything from sourcing and supply to design and installation, ensuring seamless and valuable service for their clients. L&T partnered with our team to create a new website that would effectively showcase their brand identity and communicate their unique service offerings, distinguishing them from competitors.

The website design we crafted aimed to portray L&T as industry leaders with a modern, approachable, and luxurious aesthetic.

Utilising their existing brand assets, we kept the design simple and sleek, true to their brand's colour palette, which featured black, white, and accents of coral in buttons and hover states. This design choice not only elevated the bold photography of their projects but also conveyed the warmth and personality of their team.

In addition to the design, we carefully crafted website copy that catered to both technically and aesthetically-minded professionals, such as engineers and architects.

Emphasising the value of L&T's services and their ability to enhance spaces with their lighting expertise, the website now effectively appeals to their target audience. The result is a crisp, clean, and professional website that accurately reflects the high-end nature of L&T's work, their leading position in the market, and the significant benefits businesses gain from engaging their services.

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