Using HCD & Pretotyping to uncover what matters

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Karana is an organisation that uses Human-Centred Design (HCD) and Pretotyping to identify client and customer pain points and deliver meaningful solutions.

Founder, Ravinith Prasad, needed our help to establish a modern website that showcased their past work and validated their services to potential clients. 

To capture Karana's personality and values, we developed a branding strategy featuring a warm orange and calm teal palette, complemented by a rounded sans serif font that felt friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.

The design and copy phases went hand in hand, ensuring a cohesive and well-articulated website that showcased how Karana's HCD and pretotyping services positively impact businesses, making them more efficient and fostering happier workforces and satisfied clients. This was further reinforced through compelling case studies demonstrating Karana in action, solidifying their credibility and showcasing their ability to drive positive change.

The website’s design, copy, and case studies now effectively represent the brand.

They convey the value of Karana's services to businesses across Australia — to help medium to large organisations implement impactful changes without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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