Enabling households to help build a greener energy future

Branding and identity
Websites and applications

Environmint is an early-stage startup dedicated to making energy use greener and more affordable by democratising the energy grid.

They approached us to create a brand identity and a simple website to bring their concept to market. Our goal was to develop a unique brand identity that would effectively communicate their impact and stand out from other environment-focused organisations (i.e., steer away from green!).

Drawing from our insights into their mission and vision, and what they were seeking for their brand look and feel, we crafted a distinctive brand identity for Environmint.

The logo, featuring a palette of blues and yellows, cleverly reflects nature and energy. It combines curved shapes with sharp edges and bold lines to establish a professional yet approachable look. The icon cleverly incorporates subtle visuals denoting solar energy, showcasing Environmint's green business goals. The overall 'S' shape of the symbol subtly hints at a dollar sign, representing both sustainability and monetary growth.

To complement the brand identity, we developed a simple and user-friendly website that effectively communicates Environmint’s initiatives.

This online presence has positioned them strongly in the market, preparing them for seed funding. With a compelling brand and an engaging online platform, Environmint is ready to make its mark in the energy sector and democratise the energy grid for future generations.

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