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BidHQ is a revolutionary bid management platform led by a trio of founders with decades of knowledge in the bid creation and tendering space.

We collaborated with BidHQ on their end-to-end digital strategy, from ideation and development to the successful launch and marketing of their platform, including the creation of their brand identity, website, and education-led marketing strategy.

To establish BidHQ's brand identity, we collaborated with Pink Tank to create a distinctive and appealing new look and feel. The brand identity needed to exude both friendliness and trustworthiness, appealing to councils, government bodies, and businesses alike. A vibrant colour palette featuring various purple tones, salmons, and blues was chosen to stand out in the market without being too outlandish for the industry.

Following the creation of the brand identity, it was time to start bringing the platform to life.

Simplicity and ease of use was our key focus when designing the interface. We ensured straightforward navigation by keeping the left sidebar clean, with the app's action happening to the right. The bid creation section also leverages an interchangeable right-hand panel that users can collapse and expand, allowing better visibility of their bid when needed. 

With the platform build under way, we set about crafting a marketing website to educate businesses on bidding best practices while promoting the BidHQ platform. The website's design focused on ease of navigation and with accessibility at the front of mind, ensuring that visitors could easily explore all that BidHQ had to offer.

Education is a core value of BidHQ, so we leveraged education-led marketing to share their expertise in the bid creation space.

Through blog posts, social media, and lead magnets, we provided valuable tools and downloadable resources, nurturing brand awareness and loyalty among their audience. Nurture sequences during trial periods guided businesses on best practices, optimising their experience with the BidHQ platform.

BidHQ's bid management platform, complemented by a strong brand identity, marketing website, and education-led marketing strategy, has positioned them as industry leaders. BidHQ continues to evolve, planning to roll out new features to enhance the user experience and revolutionise the way businesses bid across Australia.

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