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Systems Director

A gun at problem-solving (and chess aficionado) — meet our Systems Director, Nick!

With a background in engineering, logistics and data, Nick loves working with and empowering people to deliver solutions to meaningful problems. At Speckle, this translates to working with our team and clients to develop data-driven systems and solutions, from advertising and analytics to technical platforms and processes.

With an MBA from Melbourne Business School, his ability to navigate complex systems, apply frameworks to real-world scenarios and understand things from different perspectives makes him an invaluable part of the team.

When Nick’s not busy being the office tech-whizz, you can find him hanging out with Chief Executive Pawfficers Wilbur & Chloe or emerging victorious in a video game with mates.


Favourite Dessert

Crème caramel

Described in Emojis

🤓 💥 💭

Favourite Series

The Kingkiller Chronicles

Makes you smile

Wilbur & Chloe

It takes a team of talent to create incredible experiences. Meet more of our Specklers!

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Ash is an intuitive-thinker, people-focused leader and creative problem solver. Having spent her career at some of Melbourne’s biggest digital studios, she created Speckle with a mission to bring humanity, connection and empathy to the world of agencies. An ‘energiser bunny’, she’s up for anything and loves leading our incredible team.



Founder & Creative Director

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Steph is our incredible Project Manager. Using her skills in people and project management, she helps to keep our team organised and on track to execute exceptional digital projects.


Steph D

Project Manager

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Ange is our incredibly talented Digital Designer. With a breadth of experience from startups to large multinationals, she pairs her skills in graphics and UI along with a keen sense for user experience and functionality, to deliver solutions that are beautiful, considered and make a difference.



Digital Designer

It takes a team of talent to create incredible experiences. Meet more of our Specklers!