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Tooronga are a financial services consultancy bringing together a lifetime of expertise in tax, lead, and transaction advisory and ownership support – creating an end-to-end offering for organisations through the mergers and acquisitions process.

They were looking for help creating a brand identity for their new business that would shine in the financial services industry through their website and brand collateral.

Tooronga business cards

As always, we began with our discovery process, identifying who they are, what they’re all about, their point of difference in the market, and how we could differentiate them from others in the industry while still honouring the tradition of financial services. As a business, Tooronga have a keen sense of social responsibility and a modern yet understated approach, which provided the perfect jumping-off point for creating an identity to set them apart.

With a deep understanding of their business and mission, we got to work – iterating through detailed competitor analysis and workshopping a series of ideas. We refined an identity down to a clean and modern palette of purples, deep blues and teals, and an accompanying logomark that was modern and playful while retaining a sense of professionalism that still feels at home in the world of financial services.

With the brand identity approved by the team, we set off with the execution phase of the project rolling out onto collaterals, photography and website.

The Tooronga team chatting business.
Tooronga team having coffee in the kitchen.

Working alongside the Tooronga team to photograph them in their space, showing their approachability and personality.

Speckle for Tooronga Website Design

Showcasing their new brand identity through a modern and professional website that sets them apart from other businesses in the financial sector.

We knew the key role in this project was to provide Tooronga with a validation mechanism that would showcase their service offering, clearly articulating what they do and really highlighting their point of difference. 

They now have a website that truly supports their business, demonstrates their professionalism, and has clients wanting to reach out and learn more.

The Tooronga team