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Specialist Vascular Surgeons Group (SVSG) are leaders and experts specialising in medical, cosmetic and diagnostic vascular procedures and services in the Sydney region. They are caring and passionate professionals dedicated to achieving the very best in patient outcomes.

The Process

Leading with our discovery session, we identified who SVSG are as a business and what their long-term goals look like. The challenge for us to solve was how to best communicate three distinct but intrinsically connected service offerings in a way that positions SVSG as the leading experts in vascular health in Sydney. This information helped us map out how we could provide enough information to be a truly valuable resource to SVSG’s patients while also presenting it in a way that is clear, friendly, easy to digest, and supportive to those in need.

Following this, we created the wireframes and a thoroughly considered site map so visitors could understand the conditions they, their family members or their friends have been diagnosed with and the treatments available. Leveraging the strong and distinct brand colours for each arm of the business, we conceptualised three individual websites connected through tabbed-approached top navigation of the site, which was clean, clear and easy to use.   

The Outcome

This project has resulted in a series of interconnected and educational websites that allow SVSG to uphold their vision and values for excellence in patient care. And, most importantly, their patients now have access to exactly what they need to help them with their vascular health.