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Lights & Tracks are leaders and innovators within the commercial and residential lighting sector, seamlessly delivering stunning lighting projects throughout a range of industries across Australia. Central to their business is their commitment to project facilitation, allowing them to source, supply, deliver and assist with lighting design and installation to ensure projects run smoothly while providing value and service to their clients.

The brief, which arrived on our “virtual” desk via a referral from our talented friends at Swear Words, was to create a clean, bright and unique website to match Lights & Tracks’ new brand identity.

Together, each team identified some key challenges for the project:

  1. Ensuring that the style and tone of the website matched the brand personality
  2. Ensuring that the website succinctly communicated their service offering while also standing out from competitors

Our process


We kicked off this project with a discovery session, collaborating with and becoming an extension of both the Swear Words and the Lights & Tracks (L&T) teams to ensure a considered visual identity was being brought to life. Throughout this process, we explored:

  • L&T’s market position and audience
  • Challenges and opportunities within the business 
  • The existing website
  • What L&T were trying to articulate with their new branding

Our aim, as always, was to gain a deep understanding of not only their business but them as people – we find that understanding how one relates to the other helps create broader success.

Design & Development

From discovery, we designed the page structure and wireframe of the website. We also collaborated with both teams to work out how we could use the existing visual content to support the website and L&T’s new brand identity. 

Once this was confirmed, our focus turned to the copy. For us, this was the key piece of the puzzle, as it needed to convey both a unique business idea and the personality and heart of the L&T team.

The challenge of articulating the benefits of Lights & Tracks to an audience of both technically and aesthetically minded professionals (engineers and architects) gave us the chance to flex our copywriting abilities while also reiterating the value of our in-depth discovery process. 

Once we had a thorough understanding of their tone of voice and message, we ran the copywriting and website build in tandem to ensure one informed the other while maximising efficiency.

Our process

Utilising our curiosity-led process, we were able to take the necessary time to deeply understand the business and its needs. The result of our collaborative project was a crisp, clean and professional looking website that L&T, Swear Words and Speckle are all incredibly proud of.