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Exponentially is a Melbourne-based organisation that delivers enterprise innovation solutions using prototyping — a technique developed by Google and Stanford University — to some of the world’s biggest businesses.

Exponentially was an existing client of ours, so we had already developed a great relationship with the founder, Leslie Barry. When he asked us to help develop a social media & content marketing strategy that fit his needs, we were thrilled at the opportunity to flex our skills in this area and get to know his business even more.

The key points of the brief were that the platforms needed to:

1. Be an aid in growing and validating the business
2. Help increase their community of pretotypers

Our process

We began the project by revisiting our discovery notes and research from earlier work with Exponentially. During this phase, we re-established the tone of voice, target audiences, and important messages that needed to be conveyed throughout the copy.

We also discussed which social media platforms should be used. As they were already using LinkedIn and Twitter with great success, we decided to continue to utilise these while also adding Facebook to the mix to further consolidate their presence and reach on social media.

The number of posts to be scheduled was decided by both teams based on researched suggestions and what we felt would be the best fit for the target audience. Following this decision, we started the copy for these posts using a similar style that we had used with Exponentially previously.

The process of setting up the channels and testing content brought clarity and assurance to the idea that Exponentially’s social channels would actually work better as a validation tool rather than as something that needed to see amplified, significant growth.

The Outcome

Exponentially now has an active and consistent online presence that creates engagement and builds on its existing community. They have seen significant growth across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter since we began working with them in October 2020, and in 2021 social engagement has gone up by 89% on LinkedIn and 160% on Twitter!