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Conserve are Australia's experts in contractor compliance & management, helping businesses organise their contractor workforce to manage time, risk and expenses associated with contractor management.

The Opportunity

Conserve came to us looking to create an application that would offer a huge value-add to their existing clients through a site induction app. The app is designed to facilitate the site management of contractors when they arrive on a worksite. They can perform inductions, sign-in & sign-out, provide documentation, and receive updates and notifications from the client – all from their mobile.

This system also helps Conserve’s clients, predominantly in the council and government sectors, to have a process where they can check on-site compliance, keep digital records of worksite happenings (including visitor management), store documentation and contact information, review work, and so much more.

Conserve case study screens.

The Process

Leading with our discovery session, we worked with the Conserve team to scope how the idea of the project would take shape, mapping the interactions and user flows across Contractors, Clients and Site Visitors. The application’s data is connected to Conserve’s existing database and web-application system, so we worked cross-functionally to develop a product that would work within and enhance the existing Conserve ecosystem.

We worked iteratively with the team to map out the wireframes, ensuring that we could achieve simple yet powerful user interactions within the parameters of their existing platform. With the application functionality mapped out, we got stuck into the interface design.

We were able to leverage the strong brand identity that Conserve already had, applying it to the app, which gave a clean, simple and modern design framework from which to build the interactions. 

Conserve case study screens.

The next piece of the puzzle has been building out the front & back ends of the app. We’ve been collaborating with Conserve’s development team, with them tackling the back end of the app while we’ve put our creative energies into the front end, creating a product ready for both iOS and Android.

This impressive app is set to launch at the end of 2021 – watch this space!